Company: ARNO GB
Client: Sony

A prestigious project in collaboration with ARNO Germany on an interactive FSU design for the PS4 launch and E3 press conference. My role was to produce graphic artwork for ‘dummy’ PS4 game covers which at the time, we were not given any details on the actual graphics; enabling me to design artwork through my creative intuition. I also created a full size mock-up model of the FSU design for a sense of scale and proportion, which aided the design process.Through different opportunities within this project, I developed skills in producing artwork and model making, as well as a richer understanding of manufacturing processes.

PS4 Interactive FSU-1Images: ARNO GB



Pre-launch PS4 game cover artwork

Examples of some of the ‘dummy’ game cover graphics created for the interactive FSU which was designed through my creative intuition.

PS4 Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Artwork-1


PS4 Destiny Artwork-1


PS4 Infamous Second Son Artwork-1


PS4 Watchdogs Artwork-1


PS4 mock-up models

Fully dimensioned mock-up of the FSU design aided the design process with a sense of its proportion and scale.

PS4 FSU mockup-1