Jaguar Impulse

Group project
Client: Jaguar

Short group project to visualise a lightweight, package optimised car seat in 2020. A visit to Jaguar HQ to immerse into the Brand and products enabled us to understand and appreciate what keeps Jaguar different; making the project an exciting and rewarding experience. In my role within the team, I led brand and creative direction – producing visual research, conceptual sketches, digital renders and graphic communication. What I personally found very positive was the mix of design and materials engineering, balance of true problem solving and out of the box thinking. A lightweight car seat combining innovative features and beautiful, personal design to excite the senses within the Jaguar driving experience.

Credits: Ben Evans, Rob Phillips, Lauren Walls, Joe Woolnough

Jaguar Full Interior-1


Story of the process and ideas behind the design

Visual exploration of form. Key lines pulled from Jaguar interior and exterior design translated through energetic hand-sketched visuals

Jaguar Key Lines-1


Ideation process and concept development


Detailed Design development process included sketches/drawings, prototype
development, testing, complete digital and CAD visuals

Jaguar Research-1Image: Rob Phillips

Jaguar Prototype Testing-2Images: Lauren Walls


Sleek lines draw the eye along the profile of the seat and works the space around the car to deliver maximum knee, leg and foot clearance for the front driver and rear passenger.

Jaguar Interior Perspective-3

Jaguar Rear Perspective-4


Designed with precision in mind, the actuating spine performs a subtle flick to an individual’s preset driving position. Every detail is considered, interacting on an emotional level making it seem more animal than machine. Because sometimes, the more important people sit in the back.

Jaguar Feel Alive-5Image: Rob Phillips


Impulse lightweight car seat was awarded Best Technical Innovation award by Jaguar.


Jaguar Impulse-1Image: Ben Evans