British Airways Mrs. Dartfire

Group project
Client: British Airways

A group project exploring Kansei Engineering to capture customers’ feelings of products and translating these into a memorabilia line designed for Premium economy travellers. My role involved brand and creative direction – producing visual research, user mapping, brand communication and conceptual development for ‘Mrs. Dartfire’. What I found positive was the working dynamics to ensure the design, feel and brand communication of each product was consistent with eachother. The dart was crafted through integration and validation of principles underlying semantic languages, alongside refreshing the British Airways brand and product category.

Credits: Harry Brooker, Joe Perry, Michael Apostolides

BA Memorabilia Concept-1Image: Harry Brooker


Story of the process and ideas behind the design

Visual exploration of form. Key lines were translated through hand-sketched visuals and captured in an energetic way.

BA Key Line Exploration-1


User experience touchpoint mapping
Group research flight with British Airways

The entire process was mapped out with clear identification of the possible emotions or events a customer would experience during different touchpoints, bringing valuable brand experience to the project.

BA User Experience Mapping and Group Research Flight-1


The ideation process and concept development aimed to gauge emotional responses through the use of a set of Kansei words which had a certain affinity with eachother that the dart wanted to achieve.

Elegant    Luxurious    Reliable    Calm    Sleek    Dynamic    Trustworthy    Distinctive   Relaxed

BA Iteration Process and Concept Development-1


A calm and confident look and feel achieved with it’s elegant aesthetics, medium gloss and satin aluminium finishes. The balance of beautiful product design with a refreshed semantic language captures the key characteristics inherent in the Brand, the customers, and as a product.

BA Mrs.Dartfire-1Images: Harry Brooker