Adidas Boost

Company: ARNO GB
Client: Adidas

The core of this project was to present Adidas Boost in an iconic and desirable manner for the major launch. Graphic design played a key role in achieving a strong standout and communicating Boost to appeal to a core of ‘Young London’ consumers who are very focused on fashion.  My role within the design team involved brand and graphic communication, taking ownership of the space on a full pillar area within the Size? store in Carnaby Street, London. This was one of the key areas treated as a Boost experiential concept to maximise impact. Working on the project provided an opportunity to develop my teamwork and communication skills further, and working under pressure to deliver the requirements.

Credits: Richard Crammen, James Cutler, Nikki Waterman

Adidas Boost Pillar-1Image: James Cutler


Story of the process and ideas behind the design

Adidas Boost Behind The Design


The winning design was installed at Size? Carnaby Street, London for the key Adidas Boost launch.

Adidas Boost Pillar Design-2Images: ARNO GB